Sunday, June 12, 2011

NW Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas has two religions: Walmart, and the Razorback Hogs. It's also home to a couple of Civil War battlefields (Prairie Grove and Pea Ridge). It's a nice family place to live, where the people are friendly, the landscape is beautiful, and the weather is always changing.

The University of Arkansas is the main event in Fayetteville. The castle-like building in the distance is Old Main, the original building of the college. The stadium would be one of two home stadiums for the Hogs. They play four games here and the rest of the home games in War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. No, the towns are not remotely close together. But football is big in Arkansas.

Fayetteville has the unofficial motto of "Keep Fayetteville Funky." It has a huge and beautiful library, an active farmers' market scene, and an annual biker festival. Note the rock building--this is a typical architectural pattern of the Ozarks.

There are a few historic houses in town. Large sections of the TV miniseries The Blue and the Gray were filmed in the area, and I think at least one interior scene was shot in one of these historic houses (although I don't know if it was this one in particular. Still, it's historically significant.)

There is also a park with some 60s/Tolkein-inspired sculpture.

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