Sunday, June 12, 2011

NW Arkansas battlefields

In Arkansas, the vote to secede from the Union was up to each county. All of the counties ended up siding with the South, but there was some debate in the northern end of the state. The Ozarks is not very fertile ground, and slavery was not a large presence. Still, there were a couple of battles fought in the area, notably at Prairie Grove (west of Fayetteville) and Pea Ridge (NE of Springdale). Today, Arkansans identify themselves as firmly below the Mason-Dixon line. (And until Bill Clinton became president and the sign was changed to reflect that, there used to be a sign on the Missouri-Arkansas border that said, "Welcome to Dixie!")

Prairie Grove battlefield:

The trees were interesting here as well. You can find some otherwise-normal-looking trees with some seriously evil thorns on them! And the other trees look somehow like a Klimt painting to me.

Pea Ridge battlefield:

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