Monday, June 20, 2011

Charleston, SC--College of Charleston

The College of Charleston was founded in 1770. It sits right smack in downtown Charleston, and like so many buildings around it, it has its own historical charm. It is very much Old South. It used to be a women's college, I believe (as opposed to the Citadel, also in town, which was until a few years ago only for men). Today men and women both attend. Graduation involves the circular patch of ground in front of the Randolph building (the Cistern), and women wear white dresses. The men wear coats of some kind. Not associated with graduation in particular, whenever the trustees meet, they all wear these light colored jackets and bow ties. It's an interesting place. The buildings end up in films, too, especially this building. Just drape a Confederate flag over the railing and you're set.

As you can see, the inside is pretty swanky. This building used to house the foreign languages/classics department before it was taken over for administration.

There's even a gate post you have to pass through to get there (no one is in it anymore, though.)

The back of Randolph:

Also in the courtyard behind the building is this interesting clock:

The courtyard can be rather atmospheric on a rainy day:

A view through the gates of the university library:

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